Communication experiences, you can build yourself

Introducing Workflows by Whispir! Using our powerful communications technology loved by enterprises all over the world, we’ve built Workflows specially for small to medium businesses like yours. Ready to automate your communications? Sign up today and get 100 free SMS!

Your visual creator for communications automation

We know your ideas are brilliant so we’ve put together the building blocks that allow you to turn your ideas into action. And messages into meaningful communications.

Be at the centre to manage your own outcomes, drive genuine engagement and turn on new revenue streams with ease. Putting the data you already own to work.

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Visually represent and translate your brand and business
processes into automated, personalised communication
experiences at scale.

Our drag-and-drop communication flows, lets you easily
send personalised SMS and email to your customers
or staff.

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Click to Build
No coding skills required

No coding skills required

Our new intuitive workspace empowers you to create
and manage communication experiences yourself;
whatever your process, and outcome.
Save your organisation time and money by solving
common communication problems with
turn-key solutions.

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No coding skills required

Create personalised journeys

Take your communication possibilities to
the next level by leveraging multiple channel
options such as SMS, email and web forms.
Connect touchpoints easily and see your
engagement soar.

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Context matters

Whispir Workflows gives you the freedom to create
something completely new. We’ve implemented
meaningful block visuals on the canvas, so your team
can easily see and manage different branches of
communication automation from a bird’s eye view.

Sign up now for free Context matters
Context matters

Infinite Possibilities

With our straightforward, visual builder, you and your team will understand the context and
direction of your work at a glance. You can see your entire communications workflow at a glance;
and easily create an endless number of automation experiences and processes.

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Create a more
personalised and
automated customer

Build and send more
targeted, segmented
emails and SMS

Engage prospects
and customers on
other channels

Setup dynamic forms
to capture staff or
customer feedback

Build a sales process
to identify, prioritise
and route leads

Provide customers or
staff with exact details,
processes and tools
required, without
driving extensive call
centre times

Ready to create communication
experiences today

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