Multi-Channel Communication For The COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout

Seamlessly communicate vital information about your local rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine through email, SMS, voice, and social media.

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Over the last year, the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the spread of mass confusion, fear and misinformation worldwide. As the vaccine rolls out across Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and throughout Asia, and citizens begin to look forward to returning to some semblance of normalcy, proactive and timely communication is integral to the effective management of local vaccine programs.

The challenges that local governments and healthcare organisations face in effectively managing the rollout are many, but Whispir’s communications intelligence tools are the solution to frictionless communications in a time where mistakes in messaging can be fatal.

Engage citizens across email, SMS, voice, and social media

COVID-19 is something that affects everyone in the community, so it's essential to implement a comprehensive communication strategy that is as far-reaching as possible. Through Whispir, you can seamlessly build, manage, and optimise communications at scale and across multiple channels.

Reach your local community through email, SMS, voice, social media, and more, with fully customisable communications.

Tailored communication for each stage of the vaccine rollout

Whispir’s mobile optimised communications platform enables you to connect with segmented groups, providing tailored messaging at scale to each audience. This allows you to provide information to each demographic depending on which stage of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout is relevant to them.

No tech experience? No problem

Our low-code/no-code platform lets you create communications without designers or developers. And our library of templates ensures higher levels of employee engagement.

Drag and drop design

Our simple to use drag and drop editor lets you quickly create campaigns across email, SMS, and voice. Letting you build effective multi-channel campaigns at scale and in minutes.

Automate two-way communication

When you need citizens to respond to SMS, Whispir ensures fast, efficient two-way communication is effortless and trackable. Critical functionality in today’s modern world.

Powerful engagement through SMS

In a world full of digital noise, SMS offers a cost-effective, robust method of instantly connecting with your audience. Achieve incredibly high engagement rates, and facilitate even the most last-minute updates.

Fit-for-purpose forms

Whispir’s forms are perfect for collecting citizen information throughout the entire communication journey. They’re quick to build, native to the platform and are easily integratable with SMS and email workflows.

Reduce calls through proactive messaging

Significantly decrease the strain on team members in your call centres and help desks through proactive messaging. Create rich web forms, SMS prompts, and web pages that engage with your community before they feel the need to call.

Communicate with the public anytime, anywhere

We specialise in helping governments and their agencies deliver the right message at the right time. Talk to a Whispir expert and get hands-on with our platform through your free trial.

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