Instantly Create & Send Messages via Your Audience's Favourite Communications Channel

Whether you’re sending a text, voice message, email, rich message or form, or connecting via social media, the Whispir Platform makes it easy to engage with your audience all in one place


No coding required

Select from a multitude of versatile, pre-designed message templates or create and save your own. Using our unique drag-and-drop builder, easily build message layouts for email, web, social and more. Re-use common message templates and expedite important communications to your audience.


Multi-channel reach

Transform your customer conversations with personalised and interactive content on their preferred channel, whenever and wherever they want it.

Open up multi-channel communications via SMS, email, web, voice, push notifications, critical message alerts and social media posts. sending messages using these different channels to increase the likelihood of the receiver opening the message, when it matters most.

Instant two-way conversations

Enable instant two-way communication across your teams and customers. Collaborate in real-time with image sharing, automated teleconference, polls, issue raising, task assignment, report creation and location check-in to name a few! 

Powered by Intelligent Message Design

Create powerful and engaging messages that are consistent and on brand with the guidance of the Intelligent Message Designer. Backed by AI and machine learning, you can create communications quickly and confidently..

See Whispir messages live in a personalised demo

Be right there with them, every time

As an event is unfolding, Whispir updates information via SMS from key users on site or out in the field.

Inform your employees with location details and specific response instructions and keep key stakeholders informed during the event. Responses trigger a pre-defined template and automatically send back to relevant contacts using intelligent workflows. 

Further engage with Whispir's message overview

New messages, comments or actions you need to know about appear right here in your personal dashboard. Follow user journeys and stay up to speed with events and conversations as they unfold.

Why choose Whispir?



Encourage collaboration with custom work-spaces to structure information and share it across your organisation.



Generate awareness of important communications, immediately convey the level of importance, increase engagement and first-time response rates.

Rich media

Rich media

Combine rich interactions with media components: video, images, location, animation and text for a seamless end user experience. 



Create personalised voice messages more easily by quickly recording and reviewing a natural voice message prior to sending.

Automate your responses with custom workflows