Manage All of Your Contacts, Lists and Groups Securely in the Cloud

Manage a single contacts source in the cloud and communicate with your audience securely using a single login. The Whispir platform enables you to group, segment and tag your contacts for speed and ease of communication, right from your browser.


Easily import contacts with our API

Whispir’s Powerful API suite imports contacts from your existing contact management systems, eliminating the need to manually enter in your contact list. Contacts API is available across a variety of formats so it’s easy to create a new contact hub for all your organisations communications.

Sort, filter and export your contacts list from anywhere! Contact management is available securely from your web browser, across any device.


Create dynamic distribution lists

Automate your distribution lists by setting rules to include contacts based on information in the contact profile. Segment contacts automatically based on their job role, skills, interests, seniority and so much more! Build dynamic distribution lists that best match the needs of your organisation.

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A wealth of additional features


Maps and geo-targeting

Communicate with an audience segment in real-time as a campaign or event unfolds. Using the additional Maps module, locate people assets and lists visually on a map to geo-target your messages across multiple channels.


Communication history

Get to know your contacts with communication history. Discover the best time to communicate with your audience and on what channel to generate the richest response and improve message cut through.


Custom tags

Dive deeper into your contact database through the use of custom tags. Profile your contacts based upon title, location, or anything else! Tags make it easy to personalise each interaction your audience has with your organisation.

Engage data-driven workflows to automate manual business processes