Whispir & AWS

The only cloud communications platform you need to deliver extraordinary digital customer experiences.

Why people love Whispir

Whispir provides capabilities that allow any business user – not just developers – to automate, personalise and layer their communications with engaging content and smart workflows to attract and retain audiences throughout the customer journey.

Whispir makes it easy to bring business ideas to life and put your customer or audience at the center.  

  • Contacts: Truly connect with your audience.
  • Messages: Become a storyteller and bring people on a journey.
  • Workflows: Use that engagement to grow new revenue channels.
  • Reporting: Make your interactions intuitive and driven by data.

Whispir & AWS in Action

Whispir’s products, which are built in partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) provide powerful and innovative solutions; while providing the security and scalability required for modern businesses to effectively engage their growing global audiences.

Digitise end to end communication workflows that contain your rich content like videos, images and interactive forms with Whispir. Our visual communications platform leverages the AWS infrastructure, including EC2, S3, and Cloudfront.

Automate your customer journey

Automate your customer journey

Acquire and retain audiences through personalised, automated communication and marketing experiences; across multiple channels such as email, SMS, voice, push notifications, social media, etc. 

Improve Customer Engagement

Improve Customer Engagement

Deliver the right information to the right people at the right time via the channel most relevant to them. Build a set of actions based on certain events or 'triggers' to determine responses across any channel. 

Securely and reliably store digital content

Securely and reliably store digital content

Using AWS Cloud, Whispir benefits from best in class cloud security, allowing you to scale and innovate while maintaining a secure environment for you to import, maintain and manage contacts, files, personalised images and more.


mtheory is an artist development, marketing, strategy and operations infrastructure company, designed for music artist managers. The company was formed to provide managers with the additional manpower and specialised knowledge required to be relevant and successful. A campaign was run for the xx to communicate with their fans in an interesting and non-obvious way. 


Currently serving more than 29 million individual policies and over 16 million members of group insurance schemes, AIA Group Limited is the largest public listed pan-Asian life insurance group. Through the automation of a variety of both internal and external communications, AIA use Whispir to power end to end delivery of more than a dozen day to day applications for their unique customer segments.