Whispir + OneLogin


Our convenient single sign-on (SSO) solution allows you to access multiple platforms with a single set of log in credentials. Save time and money, and boost data security by integrating OneLogin with SSO for Whispir.

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What is SSO?

SSO is an advanced authentication process that allows a user to utilize one set of login credentials to access multiple applications, including Whispir.

It’s a seamless solution that allows Whispir to both exist within your standard operating environment, and alongside other SSO-enabled applications.

Why SSO?

There are numerous benefits to SSO
for Whispir:

  • Save money on overhead costs usually incurred through the need for company administrators managing accounts and providing desktop support.
  • Improve your security protocols, with staff only needing to remember one single, strong password, rather than multiple passwords across varying applications.
  • Increase productivity by being able to seamlessly move in and out of the Whispir application without the need to enter login credentials every time.


Enjoy a number of useful features with SSO
for Whispir:

  • Use SSO for Whispir with any SAML 2.0 compliant implementation, including OneLogin.
  • SSO for Whispir is an IDP (Identity Provider) initiated SSO flow.
  • Use this integration with OneLogin via Form-Based Auth.

IDP initiated SSO flow


Works with OneLogin


One single strong password


Streamlined user experience


Move securely and uninterrupted between applications


Reduce support costs of forgotten passwords

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A complete single sign-on solution eliminating the need for users to remember multiple passwords for different platforms. Easily access the Whispir platform using existing credentials.

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