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Power up your communication solution for hiring, engaging and retaining staff. Empower HR and recruitment teams to quickly and efficiently reach all applicants - ensuring the best candidates are instantly engaged via SMS, interactive messages and real-time alerts.

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Attract candidates across the organisation and market. Engage across SMS, email, voice, push, social and web notifications to source candidates and interact instantly.


Ensure your outreach cuts through the digital noise with interactive messaging. Advertise position descriptions, promote videos and file sharing, streamline interview scheduling, create professional templates in minutes—no designers or developers required.


Trigger messages based on system events, streamline your shortlisting and assessment, create opt-in talent pools, share with social networks, prevent negative candidate experience with opt-outs, and more.

Hire & Retrain

Promote engagement and loyalty while automating follow up and follow through:

  • Design on-brand digital experiences for candidates and new hires that compliment your seamless onboarding journey.
  • Improve transparency and accountability with full audit trails of communications.
  • Engage the edge of the organisation and capture insights from staff to quickly improve analysis and decision making.

Recruit Faster


Reduce Costs


Increase Engagement


& Analyse

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Whispir’s intelligent and powerful workflows will revolutionize your
customer engagement, business resilience and operational communications process. With over 11,000 use cases, the possibilities are endless.

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