Infringement and Content Complaints

If you want to report a violation of U.S. Copyrights or any other complaints regarding content on Whispir’s websites, mobile sites or communications platforms, you should follow the instructions in this notice.

So that we may properly consider your complaint and determine what appropriate to action to take, if any, please submit the following information to us at

1. Information about the rightsholder

The rightsholder is the person or entity holding the right you believe to be violated, such as the owner of a copyright or trademark you believe to be infringed. You may be the rightsholder, or it may be another individual, or a company or other legal entity. Please provide as much of the following information about the rightsholder as you can.

Rightsholder name (first and last names, or the name of the company or entity)

Address (including, as appropriate, street address, city, state or province, zip or postal code)


Phone number (s)

Email address

2. Your information

(If you are not the rightsholder, please provide your name and information.)

Your name (first and last names)


Address (including, as appropriate, street address, city, state or province, zip or postal code)


Phone number(s)

Email address

3. Identify the proprietary or other right at issue

State the proprietary right that you believe to be violated in this instance, such as a the trademark or the copyrighted work that is used improperly.

4. Describe the materials

Describe the materials clearly enough that we may easily locate and identify them on our platform or web or mobile sites. For example, you might provide a link or URL to the materials, plus a description of the a document or of text available at that linked page or URL that you believe to be available in violation of a proprietary right.

5. Statements of good faith belief and accuracy; electronic signature

State the following: “I believe in good faith that the availability of the materials I have described here is in violation of a proprietary right or other right, and that the availability of those materials on is not authorized by the rightsholder, the agent of the rightsholder, or the law.”

State the following: “The information that I have provided in this report is true and accurate, to the best of my knowledge.”

Type your name.