Transport and Logistics Solutions for Customer and Team Communications

As the old adage goes, “time is money.” This is especially true for businesses that rely on their operational communications to be effective, on-time, and ready to deploy at the drop of a hat. Explore our platform

Whispir understands the importance of business communication

Whispir’s communication platform empowers your organization to upgrade its operating processes, proactively manage scenario planning, innovate operations, and enhance interactions with staff, suppliers, customers, and the entire supply chain.

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Multiple service delivery models.

As with most transportation crews, computer accessibility is not always easy or even an option. With Whispir, you can reach your audience where they’re most likely to engage including, SMS, email, voice, video, and social media.

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Empower staff with interactive information.

Whispir allows you to improve workday efficiencies by helping employees understand what their shifts look like ahead of time, from routes to shipment changes, and more.

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Plan ahead with proactive workflow scenarios.

With Whispir, you can create custom workflows that are triggered by certain events or locations to allow employees to update HQ about their whereabouts, delays, and more without having to navigate multiple channels.

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Reduce admin time with an omnichannel communication strategy

The Whispir platform provides messaging capabilities across SMS, two-way voice messaging, email, social media, and mobile apps. This gives you resource-rich team communication tools that don’t require technical experience, multiple integrated systems, or extra employees to get the job done. The result is enhanced supply chain management and efficiency.

Workforce Management

  • Remote or Lone Worker Check-In
  • On-boarding, Induction & Compliance
  • Shift & Work Notifications for Mobile Workforces

Business Continuity

  • IT Service Management
  • Automated Advisory Notices to Limit Issues
  • Mass Outage & Maintenance Alerts

Supply Chain Solutions

  • Logistics, Incidents & Delays
  • Vehicle Telematics
  • Multi-Channel Messaging for SMS, Email, Video & Voice

Operational Communications

  • OH&S - Safety Checks for Compliance
  • Streamlined Internal & External Communications
  • Mass Trigger + Notification Capabilities

Upgrade your digital communication strategy with Whispir

By delivering clear messaging to your audiences, you’ll find better customer engagement, enhanced service information delivery, fewer customer service inquiries, increased customer satisfaction, and improved internal staff communications. Use the Whispir platform to deliver more accurate content using approved message templates and predefined distribution lists.


An all-in-one workforce solution that works for you

With Whispir, you can make sure the right resources are in the right place to match needs across different business segments. Even for disruptions outside of your control – like a late-running passenger train or a fogged-in airport – awareness can be increased, while impact is decreased through coordinated action all facilitated through one communications platform.


Engaging customers with multiple methods of communication

Increase flexibility and convenience for your customers by notifying them of deliveries ahead of time and offering pickup options if they can’t be home to receive their delivery. This can be accomplished via SMS messaging, email notifications, or your preferred method of communication. Not only does this boost customer satisfaction, it also allows you to avoid bottlenecks. It also empowers your customers to easily submit feedback at their convenience.

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Whispir helps airports, public transport operators, and more, with their communication needs.

The customer can control if they want messages through SMS or email, but we also use Whispir to push out the information to our website via an RSS feed ... and we have five different Twitter accounts hooked up to Whispir depending on which train line the messages are for.


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