We Proudly Support Non-Profits, Charities, and Humanitarian Efforts

We believe technology can be used as a force for good. It’s why we choose to pass on our tools and expertise to purpose-led communities and organizations for the betterment of all. Explore our platform

Leveraging Whispir for Charities & Not-for-Profit Organizations

The Whispir platform was designed to elevate the way humans communicate. This includes helping organizations create a positive impact with intelligent business flows, enabling two-way communications, bridging communities with their funding, and so much more.

Community Engagement

  • Transportation alerts and guidance
  • Environmental updates
  • Community notifications & events

Crisis Communication

  • Crisis & incident management
  • Emergency warnings & safety check-ins
  • Multi-channel outreach during disasters

Operational Continuity

  • Task force deployment & coordination
  • Cloud-based downtime mitigation
  • Secure system communications

Staff Management

  • Real-time, two-way safety responses
  • Volunteer shift management & priority alerts
  • Secure, internal communications with geo-triggers
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With so much potential for innovation and transformation through technology, we feel there has been a missed opportunity to do more for humanitarian organizations and the people they service. After all, the most disadvantaged within our communities should benefit from innovations like our own. We believe Whispir has a vital and ethical role to play in sharing our capabilities with those who need them most.


Founder & CEO, Whispir

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