An Omnichannel Communication Platform for Digital Insurance Solutions

From policyholder communications to insurance marketing campaigns, leverage Whispir to communicate with customers and employees in new and meaningful ways. Explore our platform

Enhance your insurance platform to benefit clients and employees.

We work with insurance providers all over the world to:

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Satisfy customer requests for a self-service platform.

With Whispir, customers have multi-channel options – whether that’s SMS text messages, email, voice, or web chat – to handle their insurance needs quickly and easily from their preferred channel.

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Leverage your talented agents in a digital way.

Whispir simplifies the insurance customer service experience by allowing clients to instantly connect with their preferred agent via live video.

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Provide a no-coding insurance integration platform.

Our solution is designed to sit on top of your legacy systems with minimal disruption and little to no need for backend expertise or additional IT professionals.

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Boost safety and compliance metrics with Whispir.

Here’s how our platform solves digital communications for insurance providers.

Teleconferencing & Virtual Meetings

  • Meeting requests and scheduling
  • In-hand teleconferencing & virtual customer service
  • Claims processing

Alerts & Notifications

  • Pre-templated communications
  • Two-way conversations in real-time
  • Policy changes & general news with rich media

Customer Feedback Surveys

  • Connect customers with agents directly
  • Multi-channel outreach via mobile, tablet, or computer
  • Answer questions regarding policy documents, claims, and more

Automated Data Collection & Logs

  • Track and follow up on hazards & issue resolution
  • Push status updates to key stakeholders for visibility
  • Recurring updates regarding user engagements
Digital Sales Tool
Digital Sales Tool

Use Whispir as your very own personalized insurance agency platform

Using contacts and triggered communications, target specific segments to land new leads, then customize the content to offer truly personalized offers. Integrated form submissions and clickable buttons allow customers to begin the application and/or sign-up process online and at their convenience, plus rich-message prompts propel customers along the insurance journey.

Workforce Management
Workforce Management

Leverage technology to engage and retain your workforce

Strong internal communication with all members provides a host of benefits, including breaking down silos, keeping employees up-to-date on policy changes, collecting feedback, increasing employee engagement, and much more. You can also keep agents up to date on the latest policies, products, and more to ensure customer retention and acquisition.

Policy Questions
Policy Questions

All-in-one communication platform for common insurance questions

Clear up bandwidth for both agents and customers alike with workflows that direct users to FAQ pages on your website – or answered directly through two-way communication via SMS text messages, insurance emails, voice memos, and more.

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Using Whispir, AIA Insurance was able to increase engagement with their agents.

The Whispir platform delivers frictionless and secure end-to-end experiences throughout the purchasing lifecycle, both online and offline, enables insurers to understand policyholders’ needs and engage with them accordingly. Through the Whispir platform, our messages are viewed by more than 70% of the agents which contributed to one of our largest agency kickoff turnouts at the start of 2020.


CEO, Chief Distribution Officer, AIA

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