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From talent acquisition to the onboarding process and onto employee retention, Whispir allows you to tackle each HR responsibility from one centralized hub. Explore our platform

Streamline your talent acquisition process with one platform

Leverage Whispir’s multi-channel capabilities with SMS messages, two-way voice messaging, email, social media, and mobile apps to reimagine your HR and recruitment tactics. Best of all, Whispir enables recruiters to use the platform externally to meet with candidates, while HR professionals can utilize it to boost employee engagement and retention.

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Make a great first impression.

Deliver a frictionless onboarding process from day one, showing new employees how efficiently your organization operates while setting the standard for every new employee.

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Offer extensive communication.

Our dynamic workflows utilize logical coding to send messages specific to individuals, en masse. This allows for a super communicative and positive candidate-to-employee journey for all parties.

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Easily shift to remote/hybrid work environments.

From posting out hardware (laptops, phones) to connecting team members with critical documents and ensuring they can seamlessly communicate with their co-workers, Whispir helps you provide a smooth transition out of the office.

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Unburden hiring managers during the onboarding process

Whispir helps HR agencies get the most out of their hiring software by creating a communication culture that keeps candidates engaged, even when bandwidth is tight. By handling most of your communications from one place, you can meet multiple candidates at the same time, while also maintaining those critical personal connections.

Internal Communication

  • Executive Video Updates
  • Automated Newsletter Sends
  • One-Source Staff Training

Talent Nurture & Recruitment

  • Interview Scheduling
  • Onboarding & Induction Simplification
  • Talent & Manager Feedback

Employee Engagement

  • Company-wide Wellness Updates
  • Remote Worker Communications
  • Ongoing Staff Surveys & Events

Human Resource Operations

  • OH&S Policies for Compliance
  • Shift & Absentee Notifications
  • Efficient Workplace Planning

Time savings allow HR professionals to focus on what really matters

Empower HR hiring managers to lead prospects through the onboarding process in half the time it usually takes thanks to Whispir’s SMS-to-web capabilities. With Whispir, users can easily create content-rich landing pages that capture form-fills, feedback, company reviews, and candidate interest levels.


Simply add Whispir to your established hiring processes

The employee onboarding process can be overwhelming when you consider the number of documents that need to be filled out, background checks, juggling multiple candidate start dates, and a catalog of software introductions to schedule. Whispir allows you to perform digital onboarding tasks via automated workflows that can be sent out in mass or customized for individual new hires.


Increase employee retention with our automated dashboard

Retention specialists know the struggles that can come with keeping employees on-staff, from lack of communication to misaligned expectations, and lack of notice for deadlines. With Whispir, you can get the feedback and insights you need to increase employee retention - all from one easy-to-use dashboard.

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The Whispir platform integrates and elevates processes for HR professionals everywhere.

ITel had driven innovation through the entire recruitment cycle and we needed to automate the way we get in touch with candidates. With Whispir’s seamless integration we have revolutionised our way of communicating with candidates, taking them on a digitised recruitment journey.


CEO & Founder, ITel International

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