Create, Manage and Capture Events, Incidents and Issues Through Whispir

Build your own mobile-responsive event forms to suit any use case using Whispir’s easy to use drag-and-drop builder. Add rich components like location information, surveys, decision points, videos, the choice is yours! 

Enable cross-channel responses to each event input and distribute information to the right stakeholders across the globe.

Combine these inputs with extensive internal or external communication workflows to trigger targeted, specific responses across multiple channels.


A library of templates ready to go

In need of a quick fix? Choose from an extensive library of templates to create your event message with lightning fast speed. 

Whispir’s ready-to-use templates support thousands of use cases and can be used as is, or customised to suit the unique needs of your business.

 Set your templates to trigger event actions based on variables like time, location or business rules, the choice is yours.

Create your own use case

Use Whispir Events Module to automate your marketing communications, invite guests to an event, send surveys or even register new guests at a conference. 

The platform allows you to respond to messages with preset information, saving valuable time on mundane and repetitive tasks. The possibilities are endless!

Manage eight+ channels from one platform

The power of Whispir lies in its ability to unify your communications to help your organisation speak with one voice. Send rich message experiences that cover SMS, email, push notifications, social media, web, videos and more. 

Using an extensive suite of APIs, easily connect the Whispir Platform with your existing systems and databases for a truly holistic communications system.

Why choose Whispir?

Superior engagement

Superior engagement

Cut-through and connect with customers, colleagues, and community with highly personalised and contextual communications that are automated & effortless.

Craft vibrant experiences

Craft vibrant experiences

Amaze your audience with beautifully crafted, vibrant, content-rich message experiences; photos, video, maps, events & fully interactive web pages that delight and empower your customers.

Extended reach

Extended reach

Enhance new or existing applications with secure, fully-featured cross-channel communications that enable you to unlock value from your systems, create new services, and build trusted brands.

Rapid time to market

Rapid time to market

Quickly deploy an open standard, multi-protocol, fully scalable solution within hours, that’s embraced by multiple business units on a single platform, sending SMS, voice, chat, video, email, social, & app messages.

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