Data Retention Policy

In order to provide the services, Whispir retains your data and associated metadata in accordance with the following minimum retention periods.


 Data type                      Classification         Live                Archive

  Messages                       Platform                   1 Yr                    7 Yrs

  Contacts                         Platform               Ongoing              7 Yrs

  Distribution Lists            Platform              Ongoing               7 Yrs

  Events                             Platform               Ongoing               7 Yrs

  Assets                             Platform               Ongoing                7 Yrs

  Activity stream               Platform                   1 Yr                    7 Yrs

  Activity logs                    Platform                   1 Yr                    7 Yrs

  Database                         Platform                   1 Yr                    7 Yrs

  Reports                            Reporting                 1 Yr                    7 Yrs

  Database                         Reporting                 1 Yr                    7 Yrs

  Detailed message logs    System                      -                      7 Days

  Message logs                   System                     -                       7 Yrs

  Web logs                           System                     -                       7 Yrs

  Application logs                System                     -                       7 Yrs

  Database logs                   System                     -                       7 Yrs



Archive is data that is stored in disk, tape or similar storage media and can be retrieved from Whispir on specific request. Costs may apply to data retrieval requests.

Live is defined as the minimum period for which data is accessible within the Whispir Platform. Please note that customers utilising Whispir Redaction feature will not be able to view the content of selected Live data.

Ongoing is defined as the duration of an active account. Active account data is not retained for longer than 7 years.