Send and Receive SMS Online With Whispir

Securely send SMS messages in bulk through the Whispir platform

 Design, build and send the perfect SMS communications and broadcast directly from your browser. 

Use workflows to integrate SMS with a variety of communication channels such as email, voice and push notifications and reach your audience where they’re listening.


Build custom workflows

Build your own custom communication workflows around SMS and any other channels through our powerful API. 

Trigger cross-channel responses with actions as simple as an SMS text-in, including escalations, automated responses and more.


Powered by Intelligent Message Design

Take the guesswork out of creating engaging and consistent messages with our Intelligent Message Design. Powered with AI and machine learning, our Designer will guide you as you create your message to ensure it’s on brand and consistently meeting your set tone of voice.

The power of SMS

SMS has a read rate of more than 90%, making it the perfect channel when immediacy is needed. 

SMS provides direct communication with your audience, right in their hand, which is perfect for when a response is needed instantly.

Our SMS solutions help you maximise your reach, and coordinate teams and customers in real time, all at competitive messaging prices. 

Utilise our email to SMS, SMS broadcast and bulk SMS capabilities to send automated and personalised messages at scale for any use case you dream of.

Use the Whispir Platform for:

  • Real-time alerts & notifications
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Appointment reminders
  • Invoice & receipts
  • SMS broadcasting
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Dynamic surveys

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Why choose us?

Eight+ channels in one platform

Eight+ channels in one platform


60+ drag-and-drop components

60+ drag-and-drop components


10,000+ unique uses across all industries

10,000+ unique uses across all industries


Create powerful workflows with our API

Create powerful workflows with our API


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