Engage your audience through customised push notifications

Use mobile push notifications to send rich, interactive messages securely and efficiently. Use Rich Messages to interact with your audience using features like video, Maps and audio. 

Using the Whispir Platform, build push notifications, SMS, email, voice messages and more all from the comfort of your browser. 


Your app, or ours?

Whispir’s free Pushie app is available for both iOS and Android and provides seamless integration for users to receive push notifications via the Whispir Platform

Already have your own app? Use the Whispir API to incorporate push notification capabilities with your existing systems and send push notifications to your audience quickly and easily.

Let's show you the power of push notifications

Monitor push notification delivery using Whispir Status Tracking

Stay in control of your messaging by monitoring push notification interactions using Whispir’s Delivery status tracking feature. View reports on when a user receives, opens or reacts to a push notification sent via Whispir. Minimise app uninstall rates by tailoring your messaging and timing to the needs of your audience. 


A true multi-channel messaging solution

Escalate unacknowledged push notifications to an SMS after a designated elapsed time to ensure your message is received. Use two-way messaging to trigger extensive, multi-channel workflows and respond across our full suite of channels to reach your audience where you’ll be heard. 


Cost-effective, robust global messaging

Quickly reach a global audience using push notifications. As each message needs a push token to be received, push notifications are generally much more secure than email and SMS respectively. Scale your company messaging capabilities and reduce the costs of international communications.

Why whispir push notifications?



Send push notifications and SMS simultaneously to ensure your message is received



More secure than traditional channels due to Push Tokens



Track message status using delivery receipts and escalate where needed



Combine push notifications with 8+ channels

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