Whispir's Top Productivity Tips

Dennis Adonis

It helps having great tools for collaboration and distributed working. Slack makes conversations quicker, Google Hangouts lets us chat to anyone in the world without having to travel, and the company’s invested in awesome productivity enablers to bring out our best.

But let’s have a look at what some of our individual staff members do to help them make the most of every busy day.

Timing is everything.

- Some of us like to work around the times of day when we know we're going to be most productive:

"My productivity hack is to tackle strategic big projects first thing in the morning before email and the chatter fatigue of the day, a) you'll make inroads to the important stuff first and b) it will be your best work (if like me you're a morning person :-))" - Catriona Walkerden, Channel Marketing Manager ANZ.

"I’ve got a similar strategy. Start early (before 8am) and smash out my daily tasks early. It's my most productive time of the day….no distractions, emails, or taps over the shoulder (hardly anyone in the office at that time). Definitely recommend the early start for productivity." - Omar Elhelou, DevOps Automation Lead.

Effective preparation.

- Nothing beats being prepared...

"Plan, plan, plan, and when you think you’ve planned enough, keep planning" – Max Garrido, Head of Marketing.

- Some of us are list people:

"Writing comprehensive lists! I write a to-do list and a must-do list every morning". - James Fazzino, Art Director.

"Priority Matrix is an awesome app to manage your to do lists" - Andy Hansen, Senior Enablement Consultant.

Manage your meetings.

- We all know how quickly meetings can run on, and run into each other, so how do you actually get any work done as well?

"Instead of booking one hour meetings, I generally book 30 or 45 minutes. Sounds odd - but ensures we get to the point and get stuff sorted ASAP" - Robyn Djelassi, Group HR Leader.

"For those crazy days, try booking a meeting room for couple of hours" - Usama Ali, Product Manager.

Healthy body, healthy mind!

- Sitting down all day is a sure fire way to bring on an afternoon slump...alot of like to move to stay focused:

"Leave the office and exercise. Every day. I need to move for at least half an hour, with my phone on airplane mode, to clear my head and tackle challenges afresh each day" - Jessica Sealby, Global PR Manager.

"In my previous company I did a lot of walking meetings. Great way to refresh, discuss what needs to be discussed and wake you up a little!" - Robyn Djelassi, Group HR Leader.

- Excercise can be fun:

"Take a 1 minute disco break every hour!" – Eleni Anderson, Digital Marketing Director.

- And don't forget to eat:

"Clean workspace and a full tummy!" – Sophie Hall, Senior Graphic Designer

Structure your space.

- Where you work can be just as important as how you work:

"Turn off the heater! A colder environment makes you focus more, when warmer you tend to relax and fall asleep." - Anastas Manojlovski, Solution Architect.

"Stand up! Ever since I switched to a standing desk, I never get snoozy after lunch." - Rob Mathewson, Enablement & Customer Success Lead.

Look ahead.

- Finally, make sure you've got a clear vision of what you're doing, and how this affects the rest of your team:

"Find out why you're doing what you're doing, where it's going, and what it will achieve. If you can see what the end result will be, and how you're helping to get the team there, you'll be more motivated to get the job done. Without this visibility, you're just moving a mouse around and hoping someone will like it, and that's a bit depressing." - Lachlan Hessing, Video & Motion Producer

And that's a wrap for another week - stay sharp and have a great weekend!