Whispir How To: Creating contacts

This video runs through how to create contacts in the Whispir platform. This is the best way to send messages out, from a simple SMS to an email or rich message.
Lachlan Hessing

Without contacts, you’ll have to manually enter the details of every recipient, so let’s get started. There are two main ways to create contacts - importing them from a CSV file, or just entering them in. Simple!

Entering your contacts' details

Login to Whispir, and you’ll be presented with the main interface. The default screen is the “View All Messages” screen. To create a new contact, click on the small arrow on the bottom-right corner of your workspace name, mouse over to “New Contact” under the Contacts heading, and click.

There are many fields to create detailed contacts, you don’t need to fill all of these in. Whispir only needs those marked with an asterisk – name, and email or phone number - to get started. However, it is worth filling out as many fields as you have information for, because the more detailed a contact is, the more you can customize your message, and have greater impact and relevance to your audience.

Importing contacts from a CSV file

This is useful when you already have a database, or a large number of contacts you’d like to create at once. First, click on the white arrow near your workspace name, mouse over to “Import Contact” under “Contacts”, and click. Just download the example file, save it somewhere on your computer or network drive, and open it. Each of the fields in this spreadsheet correspond to a contact field in Whispir. When you’ve got all your information, upload your completed contact list. A confirmation screen will come up, and here you can make sure each contact field in your file is set to the corresponding one in Whispir. If you’ve used the template, this will be all correct. If you haven’t, take extra care to look over these fields, though the platform will alert you to any conflicts. A review screen will appear, to make absolutely sure that everything is as it should be. If it all looks good, click “Import”, and – congratulations, you’ve just created lots of new contacts.

The next step is organizing these contacts, to make it easier for you to send messages. In the Whispir platform, this is done through distribution lists, and we'll explore that in a separate post.