Top Technology Trends to Watch for

Dennis Adonis

You might think that working in a company innovating in areas like artifical intelligence, big data and advanced communications means we'd start to take new developments in tech for granted...

Far from it! Our staff are really passionate about technology, even when we're away from work. Here's some of the breakthroughs we've been chatting about at the water cooler.

Our homes are getting smarter.

"Google Nest just launched in Australia, their smart alarm, smart cameras and cloud-based camera monitoring services are going to make our homes safer and better connected." – Anastas Manojlovski, Solution Architect.

"I’m excited that my fridge can order food for me and keep me from running out of milk. And a cheeky rosé."  – Eleni Anderson, Digital Marketing Director.

"I want an Amazon Dash button, so I can get hangover relief delivered at the press of a button!" – Sophie Hall, Senior Graphic Designer.

Technology for the environmentally conscious.

"I'm excited by the fact I can recycle my soft plastics at Woolworths, but as a father of two, I'm easily excited." – Casey Waters, Product Manager.

"The Tesla Battery in SA!" – Anastas Manojlovski, Solution Architect.

"Alternative vehicle powertrains. With Volvo committing to only produce electric and hybrid cars from 2019, and France's outright ban of all combustion engines from 2040, road transport in all its forms is about to get very interesting." – Lachlan Hessing, Video & Motion Producer.

Security, as always, is on everyone’s minds.

"Cryptocurrency and ICO. Could really be the basis for web 3.0 and possibly the biggest single development since ADSL in terms of internet usage." – Jonathan Swift, Head of Product and Operations.

"I'd second the sentiment aorund crytpo/blockchain technologies. Ethereum in particular is taking on a real disruptive form likely to disrupt markets like law and finance." – Drew Roller, Lead UX Designer.

Communication is in our DNA.

- Working in communications tech, we tend to take a real interest in all things mobile:

"Last week, researchers at the University of Washington announced successful tests of a battery-free cell phone – the first mobile that never needs to be charged!" – Rajiv Yagnik, Client Executive.

"Looks like the market for flip phones is gaining momentum, with market leader Samsung joining the party. Sneak images of their new SM-G1650 leaked on the Chinese telecommunication authority TENAA’s website." – John Govas, Sales Consultant.

- Of course, when it comes to communications, it helps if we can actually understand each other:

"I'm excited about AI being used to create the closest thing to a real live babel fish" (that’s a fictitious alien fish that performs instant translations, for those of us who’ve forgotten our Douglas Adams!) – Jessica Sealby, Global PR Manager.

Science fiction or science fact?

"Chinese scientists have set a new record for quantum teleportation - instantaneously transferring an object from Earth to its Micius satellite orbiting 300 miles away in space, which isn’t just a cool fact, it could also be a major step towards unhackable quantum internet!" – Darren Clyne, Enablement Consultant .

"Internet over the television? Not as farfetched as it sounds – Microsoft is about to start harnessing the unused channels or bandwidth between television broadcasts to make broadband accessible to areas without the baseline infrastructure.” – Sam Bibik, System Administrator.

And finally, technology should be fun!

"Looking forward to drones for capturing life on the go." – Shak Katyal, Consultant.

And that's a wrap for another week - stay sharp, keep connected and have a great weekend!