8 Mobile Marketing Pros to Follow

Arianna O'Dell

Mobile marketing is a busy field, and it can be challenging to know where to find the best resources. As more and more people use their phones instead of their desktop computers, mobile marketing has become a necessity for startups and established corporations alike. Here are eight mobile marketing experts who have spent years in the industry and are leading the conversation. Follow them, read their blogs, and check out their books for tips, tricks, and trends to elevate your mobile marketing strategy.

Marina Nissim: A graduate of Tel-Aviv University, Marina has done extensive work out of Israel for Crave and Startapp. She has a unique ability to explain a variety of mobile marketing concepts to experts and beginners alike. You can see her discussion on the challenges of mobile mobile advertising here.

Adrienne Gauldie: Currently working for Criteo, based out of London, Adrienne Gauldie made a huge splash with her informative and well delivered speech on “real time bidding.” A firm believer in marketing metrics, she collaborates with her team and uses powerful methods to show clients marketing ROI that are transparent and always linked directly to revenue.

Andrew Chen: Andrew co founded an ad network business and built it up to thousands of websites that trafficked more than five billion ads per month. He now heads up growth at Uber, and publishes a newsletter which includes over 700 essays. Andrew couples his knowledge of mobile marketing and technology with an impressive entrepreneurial business acumen.

Cindy Krum: Cindy is the CEO and founder of MobileMoxie. She is an established expert in the fields of SEO and PPC, and is also the author of Mobile Marketing: Finding Your Customers No Matter Where They Are. Her opinions have been published in an extensive list of magazines and online sources, and she is active in training seminars, workshops and tradeshows.

Luke Wroblewski: Luke is a product director at Google and a successful author and speaker. He specialises in mobile platforms, having been involved in the mobile industry for 18 years. He is the author of several books, including Mobile First. Luke's experience with optimising the user experience, couples with his marketing expertise, certainly makes him one to watch.

Peggy Anne Salz: Peggy, the founder of MobileGroove, has a dedicated Twitter following that tune in for her opinion on all things mobile. She is an industrious author, regularly contributing to Forbes, and publishing several books, including The Everything Guide To Mobile Apps, and Apponomics: The Insider’s Guide To A Billion Dollar App Business.

Tod Sacerdoti: Tod went from US$0-650 million during his time as CEO and founder of Brightroll. He is an expert on the rising trend of video as a marketing medium, including offering advertisers an avenue for monetising mobile video. Tod regularly shares his expertise in mobile marketing, startups, funding, and investing.

Greg Hickman: Greg Hickman hosts the MobileMixed podcast delivering informative and entertaining tips on mobile marketing. He has worked with multiple companies on ways to deploy SMS, QR codes, and a host of other mobile marketing technologies

Whether you have just started your mobile marketing efforts or are a seasoned pro, these digital experts can help you take your marketing strategy to the next level. Who do you look to for advice in the digital world?