20 Insights on Mobile Marketing from 7 Industry Experts

The Whispir team just spent two days at the Seattle Interactive Conference, listening to presentations from some of the top thinkers in the Mobile, Digital and Interactive fields. Here are a few soundbites we found interesting (all comments paraphrased for brevity.)

1) Robert Gary: Vice President of Digital Product Management, T-Mobile (LinkedIn)

  1. People send 80 billion messages per day. And for the last 8 to 16 years, messaging has been an expectation of anyone who owns a mobile phone, but for some reason, few companies seem to realize this and properly leverage the opportunity.
  2. You shouldn't build a fortress between your company and your customers. Giant call centers or IVR's are basically methods for giving customers a terrible experience and seperate them from the information they want.
  3. Mobile messaging is the easy way to connect with customers, because you can meet your customers where they already are, on their phones.

2) Rod Putney: Director, AT&T Entertainment Group (LinkedIn)

  1. Here are some stats we should acknowledge. The Super Bowl is the most watched TV event of the year with 160 Million viewers. But on your average day, YouTube will generate 5 Billion video views, Facebook will have 8 Billion and SnapChat 10 Billion.
  2. The Millenial audience is viewing content and doing many of their basic activities such as banking, on their phone.

3) Ian Smith: Co-Founder, QuoteWizard.com (LinkedIn)

  1. Mobile users have an urgency to buy. When you're browsing on a desktop, you have the luxury and time to surf around. When you are on a mobile device, you already know what you want to do.
  2. Google recently announced that more than 1/2 of their search traffic is coming from mobile. So you need to know that a significant % of your traffic is coming from mobile searches and have a web presence that acknowledges that.
  3. When building for mobile, build for speed, give people what they expect, and make the next step obvious.
  4. 25% of mobile traffic wil leave after 4 seconds, so make sure your mobile pages load fast.

4) Julie Rezek, North American President, The Hacker Agency (LinkedIn)

  1. >Millennials want value but so do 43 year olds.
  2. People today are looking for "Snackable" content that they can consume on mobile devices.
  3. Customers often want to be made part of the journey. There is a lot of personalization you can do with SMS, so don't just be the company that devalues your brand by blasting five generic emails a day.

5) Jeff Hasen, Gotta Mobilize, Chief Marketing Officer, Mobile Strategist and Author (LinkedIn)

  1. Alaska Airlines has a SMS;club that is very useful to be part of.  Something like 97% of SMS are read within 4 minutes. So if I'm part of their SMS club, and you are part of their email club, when a discount deal is published I'll be able to take advantage of it before you.
  2. SMS has more immediacy, and yet not every company is taking advantage of it yet.

6) Paul Peterman, Facebook, Head of Industry, Global Marketing Solutions (LinkedIn)

  1. Remember that Mobile is the most intimate form of communications you can have with your customers.
  2. 1,000 new apps are added to the Apple or Google App Store every day.
  3. Dollar Shave Club embraced mobile marketing and wound up selling to Unilever for $1B in five years.

7) Emily Thomas, Nikon sponosred Instagram Professional and Huffington Post Contributor (Instagram Page)

  1. It's almost impossible to avoid making video now, because it's such a strong storytelling tool.
  2. More brands are using mobile opportunities like Instagram to tell their stories with video.
  3. Mobile is where the Millennial audience is, so you want to be developing video content accessible from mobile.

Do you have your own thoughts on Mobile Marketing? Let us know and we'll include your thoughts into a future article.

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